This site will soon be updated to reflect the transition to our new corporate identity under which we now operate, RONA Inc.

Installation services provider

Our installation services are growing!

Benefits of being a certified contractor:

  • Opportunity to grow your business;
  • Endorsement from a well-known national brand;
  • Regular project demands;
  • Promotion, financing and reward programs;
  • Price Book Program (Rebates for Pros);
  • And much more.

Are you a certified contractor?

Interested in becoming a certified contractor?

You are interested in becoming a certified contractor in one of our different regions in Canada? Just follow the steps below.

Step 1

Provide us with more information about your business by filling the Installer Application Form.

Send it to us at

Step 2

If your expertise and services are required, we’ll communicate with you for;

  • An appointment with an Installation Territory Manager;
  • A Standard Audit.

Note that only selected potential installers will be reached if a specific region requires their services. If not, we will keep your application in our Certified Contractor data base.

Step 3

Start to grow your business with us as a certified contractor:

  • Signature of a complete Contractor Agreement for services following approval.
  • Get a 360 training to be fully ready for business.